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-dummy+<quizlib id="​quiz"​ rightanswers="​['​42',​['​a0'​],​['​a0','​a2','​a3'​]]"​ submit="​Check Answers">​ 
 +    <​question title="​1. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?"​ type="​text"></​question>​ 
 +    <​question title="​2. Your enemy'​s father..."​ type="​radio">​is a hamster|smells of elderberries</​question>​ 
 +    <​question title="​3. Which factors will contribute to the end of humanity as we know it?" type="​checkbox">​ Global warming| The release of Linux 4.1.15| Cats| Advancements in artificial intelligence</​question>​ 
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